Made aura a lot more NoCheat-compatible

Made bhop a lot more NoCheat-compatible

Made autopotion better

Improved Breadcrumbs - It now looks smoother and just a lot better!

Improved BowAimbot

Improved Criticals

Changed the Main Menu!

Made XRay bright

Your username and your skin is now visible in the main menu. Click it for alt login!

Changed a lot of tooltips / descriptions

Made ESP darker if the target has hurttime

The alt login screen now doesn't show your password

Tooltips don't render outside the screen anymore

You can now change the GuiScale

Renamed AntiKnockback to Knockback - you can now change your knockback values

Fixed killaura lockview (removed it :)))))

Fixed a bug in HackerDetect

Removed Magnet

Made ClickTeleport teleport range 8 blocks instead of 3.6

Added Team mode "Color" - It will compare the colors of the players to see if they are on your team

Added AAC flight! (Thanks MGames)

Added an Accuracy check in HackerDetect - Disabled by default because of lag!

Added proxy support!

Added l33t particles

Added ESP Fade option

Added Jigsaw menu

Added InstaPortal

Added scaffold!

Added notifications!

Added SafeWalk

Minor fixes



Fixed Infinite block reach link not working

Made infinite reach much more stable - it now teleports less!

Removed rangespheres - Forgot to remove it before D:

Made freecam noclip without turning on flight

Changed a lot with the gui!

Fixed bugs with the gui!

Changed max Timer speed from 6.0 to 10.0

Removed the "Module Presets" button, I will finish it later

Fixed inventoryplus

Added a TON of new settings

Made lowhop faster

Made bhop WAAAYY faster!

Made speed stop glitching when you toggle it

Improved "Switch" mode for KillAura

Added flight kick bypass for flight - thanks Yario! :D

Removed "Combat2" and "Movement2"

Remade AutoClicker

Added two buttons

Prevented some crashes and added a java8 warning

Removed "NoArmor" who even used that? XD

Added a hackerdetect gui.

Hackerdetect is now always enabled in the background and listening for hackers!

Now made settings save!

Changed radar look

Changed radar FPS from 20 to your fps setting (it is much smoother now)

Added .ip command - Get IPs of players

Added .ipall command - Get IPs of all player

Added .geoip - Gets the location of an ip

Added .geoplayer - Gets the location of a player

Added .friend

Removed Bettersprint, added "MultiDir" mode for AutoSprint instead

Changed ESP look

Added Tracers

Added MegaKB again!

Bug fixes

Performance improvements

+A lot more!


Infinite reach is finally here!!

(Okay it is actually 340282350000000000000000000000000000000 blocks of reach)


Changed the ClickGUI a bit

Fixed "MAC Bypass" to bypass GWEN and renamed it to "GWEN Bypass"

Made ChestStealer bypass better

Added .jump command - It allows you to "fly" a little bit on nocheat. - Doesnt work for most people D:

Fixed tooltips rendering behind frames

Removed TypeWars

Removed MegaKB

Removed AutoParkour - Noone used it and it was buggy

Removed ChatSpam, people were just getting kicked all the time LOL

Removed 15 and 13 block reach

Changed "ArrowBlock" to "ArrowDodge"

Changed alt login screen

Added antiknockback check for hackerdetect

Added Fly check for hackerdetect

Improved AutoPot and KillAura

Fixed radar disabling transparacy (creating black screen and stuff)

Changed some credits

Added infinite blocks reach for TpAura! :)


This update has a lot more bypasses! :D

Other stuff

Bug fixes!

Added Spider mode "NCP" - it can jump up 2.5 blocks

Added some people in the credits <3

You now say "chug chug chug..." when doing .bleach

Added AirJump mode "NCP" it is a fly bypass if you get hit by someone first

Added LongJump

Added -crasher command!

Added skinprotect!

Added fastfall! :D

Added "Speed" use it instead of airagility

Added lowhop

Made bunnyhop faster

Added antiweb NCP mode

Added many more bunnyhop modes

You can now have headless and spin on at the same time!

Added the Jigsaw logo in-game! :D

Fixed criticals packet mode

Extended ChestStealer range

Fixed TriggerBot hitting at the wrong speeds

Speed has a super fast speed that works on latest NoCheat

Made AutoPotion a little better

Dead players in Mineplex SG are not targeted anymore

Added InventoryMove

Removed AirAgility

Removed my IGN and name from the Client. I don't wanna get banned on my main from servers lol


No adfly for this update for the first hours bc I don't wanna spam the active ppl with ads :3

Fixed some GhostMode stuff - as reported by many users

Added MCLeaks support! :D

Fixed BunnyHop spamming chat

Fixed some bugs, probably added some too


This update was originally going to be called 0.18.1, but it is 0.19 now because of all changes

Finally added AutoPotion! :D

Fixed the unstable magnet

Fixed .say command :D

Fixed Flight "DMGGlide" mode saying ".damage" in the chat when enabled

Fixed blink - one line of code was wrong .-. STUPID ME

Fixed radar not dissapearing in GhostMode - As reported by many users!

Added a search function! :D - As suggested by PandaAnimations

Added "Aimbot" and moved "ClickAimbot" to "Aimbot" - As suggested by Andrew Lee(719herobrine)

Added "MultiUse"

Added coords mod - it shows your coords!

Added ProphuntESP mod - Remember to turn on ESP too!

Added a warning if you don't have ESP enabled when enabling ESP mods

Added .fontsize command. It changes the font size of the clickgui - kinda useless and very buggy lol

Added a .bleach command XDDDD

Added a "Steal" and "Store" button in chests! - As suggested by Johnnyate8

Added a "Changelog" button in the MainMenu!

Added a "Bugs" button in the MainMenu!

Added a "Suggestions" button in the MainMenu!

Added a "Credits" button in the MainMenu!

Added a "YouTube" button in the MainMenu!

Added a "How to use 15 block reach" button in the MainMenu!

Made Cheststealer better

Changed ping timer warning to 1000ms instead of 500ms

Changed some stuff with the alt login sucess screen

Changed clickgui font

Changed some small things with the clickgui

Made manu flash slower

0.18.1 pre-1

I am releasing a pre-release because people wanted to be able to change the clickgui keybind :P

Fixed a bug in BowAimbot, AGAIN

Fixed ChestStealer

Added "Minigames" category

Added "Magnet" hack - you can pick up items 9 blocks away on non-anticheat servers. The item also has to be at the same blockheight as you.

You can now change the ClickGUI keybind in the Jigsaw settings menu

Made SolidLiquids mode "vClip" better. You can now jump on the water! (ncp bypass)

Skidded AutoArmor from Wurst - Which means it sucks


Removed rat - lol jk

Fixed a bug in bowaimbot

Fixed modlist not displaying correctly

Fixed a bug that made any Aura stop working when you had spin or headless enabled

Added super cool buttons in main menu!! XD

Added "Jigsaw Settings" button in main menu

Added RodAura

Added AutoRod

Added alert message

Added "message of the day"

Added ingame changelog if you don't have the latest Jigsaw version

Added a warning message at startup if you don't have the latest Jigsaw version

Added a ping timer which shows up when your ping is over 500

Changed some things with the main menu, including new buttons!! :D

Locked GUI Scale to Normal to prevent crashing while changing it

Fixed "Target" modules not enabling at start

Made BunnyHop a bit faster - It now starts at full speed

Spin and headless can't be enabled simultaneously anymore

Also the .t command (toggle command) was not working so I fixed that too XD (How could I miss it??)

Apparently, spin did not work before, but I fixed it in this update!


Fixed a bug in "Reach13.5" and also renamed it to "Reach13" and made it more stable


Added TpAura mode "Reach13.5" which is much more stable.

Fixed a bug that made you unable to switch modes without resetting all modules


Fixed XRay

Made 15 block reach better. Now the Y limit between player and target is 4 instead of 1.4. Which means that you can hit players easier!

Added help for autoparkour

Fixed more bugs

Edited some tooltips

I don't know why I kept so many hacks that didn't even work? I removed them in this update:

Removed WallHack - Was not working

Removed Shaky - The effect was too small

Removed ServerCrasher - Only worked on small crappy servers

Removed DJ - Will fix later

Removed DialUpPing - Does not work

Removed Blink - I edited something and now it is fucked up XD

Removed AntiDrown - Only worked in singleplayer and I don't think anyone used it


In this update I cleaned up a lot of crappy stuff and fixed a lot of bugs!

Removed "Vanilla" phase mode because it was too unreliable... :(

Fixed alt button appearing in ghost mode!

Now defaults to the "Medium" setting on GuiScale because it looks the best

Fixed module list not rendering on small gui levels, still a bit off but it is better than nothing

Fixed module list not rendering while inside inventory

Added colors to infomessages!

Finally added commands type .commands for more :D

Removed AutoBuild! I need to work on it.

0.16 dev

New Phase mode: "Vanilla", it works sometimes.

Changed infomessage structure, added a space between "[Jigsaw]" and the message :P


Initial beta "release"